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Best Bike Rack For Prius Reviews & Recommendations

There are thousands of bike racks on sale today, all serving the same purpose: safely transporting your bike without having to squeeze them at the back of your trunk. If you’re a biker who loves traveling, then you know how important bike racks are.

Our 5 Best Bike Rack For Toyota Prius

  1. Saris Bones Trunk Bike Rack: Best Overall Product.
  2. Allen Sports Ultra : Compact Folding Trunk Mount Rack.
  3. Thule Passage Trunk Mount Carrier : Best Hitch Mount Rack.
  4. Hollywood Racks Over-The-Top : Trunk Mounted Bike Rack
  5. Tyger Deluxe Mount : Best hitch bike rack

But many brands nowadays are all about making money without minding the quality of their products. Luckily, there are still a few decent companies out there – companies that work day and night to provide their customers with nothing but the best.

If you’re in search of the best bike rack for Prius, good news: you are at the right place. I’ve also compiled a guide on how to pick the best bike racks. You’re welcome!

The Best Bike Rack for Toyota Prius is the Saris Bones Trunk Bike Rack. I never quite believed in love at first sight until I came across this bike rack. Its design is splendid, and the manufacturers deserve all the accolades. But aside from the looks, the rack’s performance is also outstanding. It gets the job done excellently.

Let’s take a deeper look at the top racks.

Saris Trunk Bike Rack Carrier

Saris Bones Trunk Bike Rack Carrier


  • Rust-free
  • Fits bikes of different sizes.
  • Easy to store.


  • It May damage your vehicle if not installed properly.
  • Slightly expensive.

Load Capacity: 2 Bikes

Maximum Weight: 70 Pounds

Talk of beauty and performance and the Saris Bones Trunk 2-Bike Rack comes to mind. If you won't like it for its look, then you cannot overlook its features. This rack stands out as one of the best and most unique racks on my list, and there are good reasons behind it.

Saris Bones manufacturers constructed this rack using 100 recyclable materials to avoid corrosion or rust. Smooth, right! If you’re one to care about the environment, then this is your go-to rack.

The unique-feature doesn’t end there. Most racks hold their bikes horizontally which often leads to frictions and minor damages. Saris Bones rack comes at an arc-shape which holds bikes separately at variable heights. Scratch marks on bikes with this rack is a foreign concept.

This rack can accommodate two bikes simultaneously without either touching the other. You can, therefore, drive peacefully knowing your bikes are in good shape. Aside from the environmental-friendly property, Saris Bones Rack is also popular for its durability, versatility and affordability.

This bike rack is slightly expensive as compared to other products in its price range. But I always have one policy: quality over quantity. Every dime spent on the rack is worth it.

Ensure that you properly install this bike carrier to avoid damaging your vehicle.

Allen Sports Folding Trunk Mount Rack Model 1

Allen Sports Ultra Compact Folding Trunk Mount Rack


  • Comes at a reasonable price.
  • Maximum weight of 70 pounds.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Suitable for bikes of all sizes and designs.
  • Hitch rack
  • Maximum weight of 70 pounds.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Suitable for bikes of all sizes and designs.


  • Not suited for extremely bumpy roads.

Load Capacity: 2 Bikes

Maximum Weight: 70 Pounds

Second on my list is the second-best hitch mounted bike rack you’ll come across, the Allen Sports Ultra Compact Folding Trunk Mount Bike Rack. There are many reasons to love this 2-bike rack, but the fact that it comes fully assembled beats them all.

You'll spend minimal time installing the rack. For those of us who dislike DIY, this is a reason to smile. And that's not even the best part. The Allen Sports rack has a maximum holding capacity of 70 pounds, fitting two bikes. Any bike with a 12-inch length and 15-inch wide arms will effortlessly fit in the rack.

What I like most about the rack is its tie-down mechanism – the reason why the rack fits bikes of all models and designs. The rack is fixed on its carry arm but allows the arm to rotate so that it engages bikes of different frame styles and sizes.

Is there any catch with this rack? I’ll have to deduct a few points from it for the simple fact that it’s not suited for extremely bumpy roads. Some users cited that the bikes became slightly loose on rough driveways. You may want to be cautious in such situations.

Even so, the Allen Sports 2-Bike Hitch Mounted Rack is one beauty you cannot overlook. Its subtle combination of style, durability and performance are worth commendable. Moreover, it is reasonably priced. What more could you possibly ask for?

Pro Tip:

If you have a large family and need to fit more bikes, you’ll need a different bike rack in this case. Consider the Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch Rack. You’ll love it.

Thule Passage Trunk Mount Carrier

thule bike rack for prius


  • Easy to install.
  • Has an auto attach system for easy installation and removal of bikes.
  • Maximum holding capacity of 120pounds.


  • Cannot hold bikes with an odd bike frame.

Load Capacity: 3 Bikes

Maximum Weight: 105 Pounds

Thule Company has been in existence for over 75 years. This means they have learned a thing or two about designing bike racks over the years. They are one of the best brands in the industry. At the forefront of their best products is the Thule Passage Bike Rack. A lot is in store for you with this rack.

For starters, the rack features an auto attach system that allows you to detach your bike from the rack without using any tool. Secondly, it’s quick to set up, easy to use and incredibly secure. Two minutes maximum and you’re done installing the rack.

The rack comes with a lock knob and an integrated cable lock for locking your bikes to the receiver. After you’re done using the rack, you can easily fold it and store it away. It will occupy very little space.

This rack is able to carry two bikes at a time with a maximum capacity of 120 pounds, 60 pounds per bike. The bikes’ tires should range between 20 to 29 inches long. The bikes are held side by side with an allowance space of 190mm between them. Contact between bikes is minimalized.

Finally, this rack comes with a powder coat finish that allows it to withstand wear and tear. It’s also immune to rust and corrosion.

A downside with this rack is that its design doesn't allow it to hold bikes with odd frames.

Hollywood Mounted Bike Rack

Hollywood Racks Trunk Mounted Bike Rack


  • Comes pre-assembled.
  • Anti-sway.
  • Foldable and easy to store.
  • Uses the anti-vibration technology.


  • The straps become loose on bumpy roads.

Holding Capacity: 3 Bikes

Maximum Weight: 105 Pounds

Manuals are great and very helpful but can be tiring at times. To save you from all the stress, Hollywood Racks designed their rack fully assembled. It comes ready to use. This life-hack simplifies things for you and saves on time.

Storing racks after use is always a menace. Well, not with this one. The rack is designed foldable, allowing for easy storage after you're done with it. Simply cradle its arms and collapse it to a flat shape then store it in your car trunk. It will occupy very minimal space.

The manufacturers also incorporated tech with this product. It features anti-vibration technology which prevents excess vibration on the straps. In addition, the rack comes with EPDM rubber straps and anti-sway bike cradles to hold bikes in place firmly.

Aside from the Toyota Prius, Hollywood racks are compatible with other vehicles that have spoilers with adjustment hubs. The rack is able to carry a maximum of three bikes.

Tyger Mount Bike Rack

Tyger Auto Bicycle Carrier Rack


  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Has a simple installation process.
  • Has a lifetime warranty.


  • Fits only one bike.

Holding Capacity: 3 Bike

Maximum Weight: 165 Pounds

Last but not least on my list is the Tyger Deluxe Mount Bike Rack. Although not the most premium pick, this rack gets the job done perfectly without any hitches. It comes when fully assembled, has a simple installation process and doesn’t require any tools!

I like the rack mostly because of its thick metal padding covers. These save your bike from damages as you drive. While the padding covers are a common feature in almost all racks, most companies make them very thin and ineffective. That’s not the case with the Tyger Deluxe Bike Rack.

Another feature of this rack that caught my eye is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. Yes, that's right – LIFETIME. A long-term warranty is proof of the durability of a product, as with this rack.

The only downside with the rack is that it only fits one bike. If you’re planning to carpool, you’re better off with other options. Otherwise, this is a decently priced, sturdy rack suited for a solo biker.

How to Choose the Best Bike Racks

How do you decide which bike rack is best for you? Racks are not a one-size-fits-all affair. There are certain factors you’ll need to consider when buying your bike rack. You first need to define your needs, identify the vehicle you have (Toyota Prius in our case) then everything else becomes easier.
How to Choose the Best Bike Racks
Here are a few things to consider before making your bike rack purchase.


Bike racks are available in different styles and designs to fit multiple vehicles. So, whether you own a Prius, minivan, sedans, hatchbacks, or SUV, there is always something suited for you.

Here are the different types of racks.

Roof Mountable

Roof Mountable

Just as the name suggests, roof-mounted bike racks are fitted on the car’s roof. Depending on the rack’s brand, you may be forced to remove the bike’s front tire when transporting it.

Roof racks can accommodate up to six bikes at a go.

Spare Tire Mountable

Spare Tire Mountable

A spare tire at the back of your Jeep or SUV creates a perfect space to install your bike rack. Such racks can carry up to two bikes simultaneously.

Hitch Mountable

Hitch Mountable

Hitch mounted racks use hitch tubes or draw-bars to allow users to strap their bikes on frames. These types of racks are expensive and difficult to install. You might, therefore, want to counter check the compatibility of your bike before investing in them.

Trunk Mountable

Trunk Mountable

If your vehicle doesn't have a roof, spare tire, or trailer hitch, the trunk-mounted bike rack is your choice. These are fitted in the trunks and are compatible with almost all vehicles. Moreover, they are inexpensive, easy to install and some are foldable.

Owners of the Prius are limited in this category. The trunk-mounted bike rack is the best option to go for. It’s user-friendly and easy to install. However, you could also settle for the hitch-mounted rack.

Check out the best bike rack for Subaru Outback

Number of Bikes

Are you going on a solo ride or carpooling? If you are alone, then a rack that holds one bike is fine. If you are with your family or buddies, you’ll need a rack that holds more bikes. read about best rv bike rack

I have indicated the holding capacity of each product on my list to assist you to make an informed decision.

Weight of Bikes

Not all bike racks are equal. Some have a higher maximum weight limit than others. Most products in the market have a weight limit of 35 pounds per bike, which should be fine.  But other racks emphasize the need for basic designs to aid in their storage.

Before buying your bike rack, check for its maximum weight limit. Just like the holding capacity, I’ve also indicated the maximum weight limit of all products in my list.

Rack Storage

How do you store your rack after using it? This is also another question that should run through your mind when making your purchase. For some bike racks, you can simply leave them as they are. Other racks offer the option of folding them and placing them in your desired location.

Which is the better option; foldable or non-foldable racks?

Foldable bike racks are superior although it all narrows down to personal preference.  They do not only save on space but are safer and easy to store.

Best Prius Bike Rack FAQs

Can you put a bike rack on a Prius?

Yes, the Toyota Prius is among the numerous vehicles that you can mount your bike rack on. There are three realistic places where you can mount your rack: on the hitch (recommended), on the trunk lid (highly recommended) and lastly up on the roof, although this isn’t recommended.

What is the easiest bike rack to use?

Of all the 100+ bike racks that we tested, the Thule Passage Bike Rack stood out as the easiest to use. It comes pre-assembled and so it is quick to set up, easy to use and incredibly secure. Its auto attaché system also makes things easier. You do not require any tools to detach your bike from the rack.

Are platform bike racks better?

There are two types of hitch-mounted bike racks: the platform and hanging style racks.

In platform racks, the bike’s wheels rest on the rack while on the hanging style rack, the bike’s frames rest on the rack. Platform racks are the better option for a number of reasons. First, it is easier to load and unload bikes.

Secondly, the rack allows for bikes of different styles.

Thirdly, bikes are held firmly and securely at both the wheels and frame. Lastly, there is no contact between bikes on the rack.


Who said traveling with your bike had to be such a hassle? Well, definitely not with these products. These bike racks are more than just tools to hold your bikes. They ensure safety for your bike, while also protecting the bikes from harsh environmental conditions.

If you didn’t have the time to read through the entire article, that’s fine. Overall, my best bike rack for Prius is the Saris Bones Trunk Rack. It holds three bikes and suitable for many riders.

Closely behind is the Allen Sports Ultra Compact Rack. Although its weight limit isn’t the highest, its performance is still incredible. This, however, isn’t to dispute and disregard the rest of the products as less worthy.

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