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cycling vs walking calories burned

Cycling vs Walking | Which one Gives you Better Workout?

Cycling Compared To WalkingDeveloping a daily cardiovascular exercise routine is one of the best ways to improve your health, fitness, and overall happiness, but to reap those benefits you first need to

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26 inch bike for what size person? Getting your bike size

When talking about bike sizes, a measurement usually refers to one of two things: the wheel size or the bike frame size. A 26 inch bike typically refers to the wheel size, since 26 inch bike frames are

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Best Bike Accessories | No Bike Owner Should Live Without

Whether you have a one-gear “fixie” that you ride alongside streets to the farmer’s market once a week or a fully loaded e-bike that you use to weave through downtown rush hour traffic, you know

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Mountain Bike Buying Tips and Techniques for Beginner

5 Mountain Bike Buying Tips and Techniques for Beginner

Mountain biking has really taken off in the last year, for good reason, it’s a great way to get outside all summer long. And with recent advances in bike technology and a huge growth in beginner

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Benefits of Structured Cycling Training Plan for Beginners

4 Benefits of Structured Training for Cyclists Do you want to compete in a bike race this year? Do you want to push your limits in a century (100-mile or 100-kilometer) ride? Do you want

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bike hand signals

Cycling Hand Signals For A Safe Ride

Bicycle Hand Signals for Better Communication among Riders Bicycling inherently requires sharing the road with fellow cyclists and cars. And without bright, flashing lights to indicate turns and stops

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Cycling vs Running | Which One You Should Pick For Your Fitness?

Biking vs Running- Choose the most Effective one Cycling or running? It’s an age-old debate among athletes, all of whom want to claim that their chosen sport is superior beyond question. Of course,

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Cycling Versus Swimming

Cycling vs Swimming | Which One You Should Add In Exercise Routine?

Swimming or Cycling, Which is better for your health? Let's discuss...  Cycling and swimming may not seem to have much in common at first – after all, one sport adds a set of wheels under

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