6 Best Fat Bike Fenders & Mudguards In 2021

Best Fat Bike Fenders Reviews

Fat bikes are designed for messy rides. If you invested in those big, knobby tires, you are probably riding in some combination of snow, mud, ice, and loose gravel. And those fat tires will splash all that mess onto your clothes and body while also potentially damaging other bike parts.

Quick Answer: Best Fat Bike Fenders 

The best way to protect yourself and your bike are with some reliable bicycle fenders. We found a variety of sturdy, light, and protective mudguards for fat bikes.

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SKS Germany Fatboard Bicycle Fender Set

Most durable fat bike fenders

Bicycle Fender Set for Fat Bikes

These durable fat bike fenders provide a good level of protection and flexibility. The front and rear fender are both made with thick, sturdy plastic, and the pair weighs 13 ounces. These SKS mudguards offer protection from any mud, rocks or ice chunks your wide tires kick at them.

• High-quality, heavy-duty materials make the SKS Germany fenders the most durable fenders. Thick, sturdy plastic should withstand most temperatures and trail conditions. A rubber strip also prevents the front fender from rubbing against your frame.

• These long fenders provide more protection than many other fenders. The 19-inch front fender will cover most of your downtube and protect your legs. And you can adjust the height and angle of the 19-inch rear mud shovel-style fender on two hinges, customizing the fender to fit virtually any bike or configuration.

• These fenders work for fat tires up to 5-inches wide. These bike fenders are 5.5 inches wide and attach to the frame, which means they work with virtually any bike style or brake system.

• Velcro straps on the front fender make for easy installation, although some riders complained about the SKS fender shifting out of place on particularly bumpy rides.

Fetesnice Mountain Bike Fender and Mudguard

Best value fat bike fenders

best fat bike fenders

Fetesnice makes a simple bicycle fender set that is easy to install on your front and rear forks with zip ties. These small fenders are about 10 inches long, and they don’t provide as much coverage as larger and more expensive models, but they should still keep the elements off of your bike frame and clothes.

• Fetesnice fenders are very light, and they are slightly thicker and sturdier than some comparable bike fender sets, at 1.2 mm.

• Each fender is easily attached with four zip ties, although there are fewer holes in these fenders than in some comparable models, so they may not be as easy to customize for any frame.

• This style of fender can get jammed with the mud a fat tire will pick up, especially the thick clay soil common in some areas.

• These fenders will work with virtually all-mountain bikes and fat bikes with disc brakes but are not compatible with caliper brakes or V brakes.

Nicedack Bike Fender

Most versatile fat bike fenders

NICEDACK Bike Fender

The Nicedack bike fender set is an inexpensive and versatile option that should keep most mud and snow off your clothes, body, and bike parts. Like the Fetesnice fenders, the Nicedack fenders are simply strips of vinyl that attach to the front fork and the rear seat stays with zip ties.

• Attach each 10-inch bicycle fender to your front and rear fork with zip ties through several sets of holes, providing customized coverage for virtually any fat bike with disc brakes. Four zip ties on each fender will prevent the fenders from sliding around too much as well.

• The Nicedack fenders come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. They also are small and simple, so they are not as obtrusive and unsightly as some other fenders.

• This pair of inexpensive fenders will protect most riders from the elements at a cost that is cheaper than many single rear fenders. They curve to fit inside your fork and will adjust to any width of tires.

• The vinyl material is only 0.8 mm thick, so these fenders won’t add too much weight or get in your way, although the fenders might crack under intense heat or extreme conditions.

Nicedack Bike Fender with reflector

Safest fat bike fenders

fat bike fenders

Nicedack also offers another set of fenders with a longer body and a convenient reflector on each fender, making them the safest fat bike fenders, particularly if you plan to ride at night.

• Like the other Nicedack fenders, these bike fenders attach with four zip ties on each fork. Several holes on the fenders allow riders to attach them to virtually any mountain bike or fat bike with disc brakes.

A wide reflective strip on the back of each fat bike fender provides greater visibility. If biking at night or in bad weather, drivers will better see your bike in their headlights, thanks to the reflectors.

• The fenders are also thicker and sturdier than the more basic Nicedack model, so they should last longer and protect clothes and bike frames from more elements.

• Some riders complain that the provided zip ties are flimsy and brittle, so consider buying some other zip ties to attach these fenders.

Portland Design Works Dave's Mud Shovel

Most convenient fat bike fenders

Portland Design Works Dave's Mud Shovel REAR Fat Bike Fender

Portland Design Works has crafted a basic and durable rear fender that is easy to install or remove in seconds, with a simple and sturdy clamp. You’ll need a separate front fender to prevent the front tire from kicking snow and debris onto your body and bike frame, but this rear fender will keep the mud stripe off your back.

• A simple design makes the Portland Design Works fender the most convenient fender on the market. As the name suggests, it’s just a big polymer “mud shovel” that is easy to install on the seat post on any bike using a simple clamp.

• This Portland Design Works fender is a good value, but keep in mind that you might also want to make sure you have a separate front fender.

• At 5.5 inches wide, this fender should cover nearly any bike with a fat tire up to 5 inches wide.

Axiom Rearrunner Fenders

Most sustainable fat bike fenders

Axiom Rearrunner Fenders Axiom Rearrunner Fat Rr Bk

Axiom takes both your back and the planet into account in making fenders. These fenders will keep mud, snow, and water off your clothes and bike frame. Also, they are made sustainably with eco-friendly materials.

• Axiom Rearrunner Fenders are the most sustainable fenders on the market, made with 100-percent recyclable polypropylene in facilities with minimal manufacturing waste.

• The recyclable material is thicker and sturdier than some comparable fenders. The wide and long fenders can be adjusted for height to help increase protection. The fender catches the mud spinning off your tires before it can leave a stripe up your back.

• These bike fenders are easy to install or remove from the frame with a simple quick-release mounting strap, although some reviews complained the strap breaks too easily.

• Keep in mind that this is only a rear fender, so make sure to invest in a separate front fender to provide full coverage of your clothes, body, and bike frame.

All about Fat Bike Fenders

What style of fender should I buy?

There are several styles of fat bike fender, but the two best options are simple vinyl strips that fit in each bike fork, and longer plastic strips that attach directly to the bike frame. 

All about Fat Bike Fenders

The strips in the fork are unobtrusive and effective, so they do the job while looking more like a part of your bike. However, they provide less coverage, they can get jammed with mud and they can’t be easily removed.

The larger fenders are bulkier and more obtrusive but are easily detachable, and they can provide wider and more flexible coverage.

Do you need two fenders?

Do you need two fenders

Decide if you want both front and rear fenders. A rear fender will protect your clothes from the sloppy and telltale mud stripe spraying up from the back tire. A front fender is less necessary for protecting clothes but probably more effective for keeping mud from your tires off your fat bike frame and parts.

How long should my fenders be?

If you are riding for fun through some snow and rain, a short pair of budget fenders like the Fetesnice Mountain Bike Fender and Mudguard will provide enough coverage to mostly protect your bike and clothes.

If you commute and need to keep your clothes pristine, or if you regularly ride through serious mud and muck, consider a larger and sturdier set of mud shovel fenders, like the SKS Germany Fatboard.

Our pick: The best fat bike fenders

Bicycle Fender Set for Fat Bikes

Overall, the SKS Germany Fatboard is the best fat bike fender. It’s worth the extra expense for the more durable materials and more reliable protection for your front and back tires.

If you don’t want to spend as much, the Nicedack Fenders with reflectors offer plenty of coverage, and we really appreciate the extra safety feature, especially for night rides or inclement weather

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